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Product name : DT40-12,BDT40-12 Industrial Roof axial flow fan
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I. purpose
DTBDT40-12 low noise fans are all roof axial fans, which are installed at the top of the roof and do not require ventilation ducts. They can be used as ventilation and exhaust in petroleum, metallurgical, mechanical and other sectors, as well as as general factories, mines, offices, houses, etc. Indoor ventilation and exhaust for warehouses and large buildings.
The axial flow fan of BDT40 roof is explosion-proof. The impeller is made of steel plate, aluminum liner is in the air duct, and the body part is coated with anticorrosive protection paint, so the fan has certain corrosion resistance. DT40 type roof axial flow fan can transport general gas.
This series of products according to the diameter of the impeller were divided into seven different machines, in order No. 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, A transmission. Leaf number of each machine No. 6, impeller hub ratio (shaft disc diameter and impeller diameter of d=0.4), the blade installation angle of 30 degrees. The products are directly installed in the impeller the motor shaft is directly connected, at around the impeller speed does not exceed 60m/s conditions with two kinds of speed: 1450960r/min, facing the air inlet direction of impeller to rotate counterclockwise.

III. Structure
The fan consists of four parts: impeller, housing, wind collector, rain shelter and so on.
Impeller part: made of blade and hub, blade is made of thin steel plate and welded to hub according to fixed angle.
Shell part: consists of tuyere and angle steel ring, all made of thin steel plate and profile, the tubing is straight cylindrical, and there is a certain gap between the tubing and the impeller.
Air collector part: is composed of a collector flange, the collector is arc streamline type, can reduce the loss of air flow at the entrance, made of thin steel plate.
4) Rain shelter: the outside is a mushroom shape with a parabola inside, which can make the airflow flow out evenly in the flow channel and avoid the phenomenon of air flow backflow. It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which reduces the weight and has good corrosion resistance.
In order to prevent rain and snow, the fan is equipped with top cap.
The fan has stable performance, good operation, low noise and vibration, reasonable structure and convenient disassembly and assembly.
The gas from the fan is not allowed to be sticky, and contains no more than 150 mg / m ~ (3) of dust and hard particles, and a temperature of not more than 45 ℃.
IV. Performance selection
The wind pressure produced by this series of fans varies with the diameter of impeller, the angle of blade installation, and the speed of impeller.
The performance of fans in the performance specification table refers to the air performance in standard conditions (temperature 20 ℃, relative humidity 50, atmospheric pressure 101325 Pa. gas density 1.2 kg / m 3). If the fan is working in a non-standard condition, its performance is converted.
V. installation
Before installation, we should carefully and strictly check whether the fan is pressed, crushed, squeezed, crushed and deformed during loading and unloading, transportation, etc., if any, it should be restored.
Move impeller by hand to check whether the blade clearance is even, if it is scratched, if it is removed according to the cause.
Check that all bolts are loose, especially the top cap bolts must be fastened with spring washers to prevent the rain cap from being blown away and damaged by the wind.
When installing, the base must be cushioned, and the bolt should not be forced to tighten so as to prevent the frame housing from deforming, affect the performance of the fan, or cause the change of the clearance between the housing and the impeller. The rainproof cover should exceed the total area of the foundation so as to prevent Rain Water from leaking into the house.
After installation, count the tools carefully and observe carefully if there are any residual tools, bolts, gloves, cotton wire, wire and wire in the fan.
Before starting the fan, it is necessary to connect the power supply (or spot car) in a short time to test the motor, to see if the insulation performance of the motor is good, whether the rotation direction of the fan impeller is consistent with the standard, whether the fan has severe vibration, whether there is abnormal sound and smell, If so, the cause of the failure shall be removed in accordance with clause (6) below, and if not, the "point time" shall be gradually extended until it is in operation.
VI. Use, maintenance and maintenance
Maintenance and maintenance must be shut down and not allowed in fan operation.
Add lubricating oil regularly.
Check fastening bolts regularly.
Rub the impeller and blade regularly in case of losing dynamic balance.
VII. Faults and causes
1. The fan vibrates violently:
The fan deforms the casing or impeller during loading and unloading and transportation.
Fan anchor bolts are not tightened.
The dynamic balance of the impeller is broken.
The parallelism of motor shaft and fan shaft is destroyed.
Electric shaft or fan shaft bending.
The coupling between the impeller and the sleeve is loosened.
Bearing damage.
2, the temperature rise of the motor is too high
Motor shaft and fan housing installation of the shape and position of the tolerance does not meet the requirements.
Motor selection is unreasonable (including low power, large fan, wrong number of rotation.
Low supply voltage or single-phase power outage.
Motor bearing loose or damaged.
Motor connection part "virtual connection".

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