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Product name : DTF (R) Series reversible subway tunnel axial fan
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Fan diameter: Φ1250 ~ 2800mm,
Air volume: 53950 ~ 793027m³ / h,
Wind pressure: 205 ~ 1391Pa;
DTF (R) Series reversible subway tunnel axial fan
Features: The fan uses the latest international aerospace aerodynamic design requirements, through repeated trial and verification and user certification, with high efficiency and high efficiency wide, positive and negative efficiency of the salient features.
Uses: subway tunnel dedicated axial fan

I. Overview
Bluesea Marine Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. with more than 20 years of professional experience in the development of special fan, in full research and field trips in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other subway ventilation systems at home and abroad, the joint Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiaotong University , Using the experimental research of China Aerodynamic Research and Development Center and the experimental mechanism of China Aviation Gas Turbine Research Institute Laboratory and through a large number of fan passage vortex system tests to establish a digital model of the fan for repeated calculations and careful design, In order to reduce the harmful vortex system at the tip and root, in order to achieve high efficiency, low noise, compact structure, reliable operation.
On the basis of absorbing international advanced technology, it has also received the enthusiastic help from the experts of domestic subway and tunnel design institutes to guide and successfully develop the subways and tunnel special fans with excellent quality. Now the DTF (R) (R) series fan (TVF fan) has passed the domestic authoritative expert appraisal and user practical application proof, with high efficiency, low noise, reversing switching time is short (<30 seconds> Passed the test by the national testing center), compact structure, stable operation and other notable features. The participating experts agreed that they have reached the international advanced level. Also introduced and specialized development of air pressure randomly adjustable fan angle new technology and anti-surge devices new products to further meet the subway, tunnel conditions under the requirements of the use.
Second, DTF (R) (R) series fan features
High efficiency: The fan uses the latest international aerospace aerodynamic design technology, through repeated trial and verification and user certification, with high efficiency and wide area, the positive and negative efficiency of the salient features.
Low noise: Start with reducing the aerodynamic noise of the fan to minimize the loss of the vortex system at the top and the bottom of the fan blade. It has obvious characteristics of low noise after being proved by the experimental use and appraised by authoritative experts.
Wide use: According to the requirements of subway and tunnel, Bluesea Marine CO. adopts anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high insulation grade, hot and humid type and high temperature-resistant motor so that the fan can be reliably applied to the ventilation of the subway and tunnel, And in the state of emergency fire smoke exhaust system applications (280 ℃ temperature conditions for 45 minutes of continuous operation, 180 ℃ operation for more than 1 hour);
High strength: fan impeller system introduces advanced international technology of die-casting, the aluminum alloy blades, the hub by the metallographic analysis, the structure well, through the X-ray inspection, fan impeller and the fan has been considered under the conditions of expansion coefficient 280 ℃. Make it ensure enough impeller strength, in line with the requirements of high-speed operation;
Compact structure: Fan vanes and diversion devices designed to minimize the length of the fan shell, the shell and the fixed bracket through the finite element strength calculation to ensure the use of specific conditions of the subway requirements;
Switching time is short: the fan energy consumption stop mode, after repeated tests proved that the fan is switching back and forth and reached the rated speed time of less than 30 seconds;
Strong anti-corrosion: Fan shell by hot-dip galvanizing treatment, the use of hot and humid motor, fan blades, wheels made of aluminum alloy, the surface anodized, with strong corrosion resistance;
Reliable operation: The fan impeller is calibrated accurately by the Chinese-foreign joint venture dynamic balancing machine and tested by the automatic test system of National Fan Technology Research Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The balance accuracy reaches ISO-2.8 (higher than the national 5.6-level standard) Before the fan through the impeller speed test and vibration testing machine, pneumatic full performance test, to achieve smooth and reliable operation requirements;
High temperature: This series of fans by the national fire detection department sampling 12.5 # fan to do high temperature test in Shanghai, the experiment shows that 280 ℃ conditions for 45 minutes and 180 ℃ operation for 1 hour, you can also continue to run.
Anti-surge: The fan is equipped with anti-surge device, the fan can run away from the operating conditions or in an emergency without surge.
Third, DTF (R) (R) series fan structure
Fan from the impeller, motor, chassis, set (guide) flow, guide vanes, anti-surge devices, fixed brackets, shock absorbers and other components, sub-horizontal and vertical installation of two forms.
Fan impeller: There are hubs and blades, the fan blades fixed, dynamic and static three ways, static or dynamic adjustment of the blade can be adjusted in the range of -7.5 ° ~ 7.5 °, the dynamic fan is divided into pneumatic And electric two kinds, can be adjusted in continuous operation blade angle.
Fan supporting motor: IP55 (IP54) protection, H (F) insulation, hot and humid motor, the motor bearings supporting SKF motor end fully enclosed. Junction box installed in the fan casing.
Fan casing impeller assembly section: the inner wall of metal cutting to ensure that the control blade radial clearance, length and weight to reduce the minimum (small) value as the goal of the design;
Fan guide vanes, current collectors and diffusers: Static installation, respectively, in order to maximize performance and minimize the volume;
Fan mounting bracket: to ensure the overall strength of the fan under the premise of making it the lightest weight and easy installation requirements;
Fixed fan angle, static and dynamic adjustable Leaf angle: Fixed impeller refers to the impeller and leaves fixed; static adjustable refers to the shutdown, the unscrewing of the petiole bolt, manually adjust the blade angle; dynamic adjustable refers to the fan is running Use the conditions required to adjust the blade angle, and can be automatically controlled according to temperature and humidity requirements to adjust blade angle;
Anti-surge device: to prevent fan surge phenomenon, to ensure long-term operation of the fan in a stable state, especially in the tunnel upgrade state, to ensure safe and reliable;
Fan square turn switch device: combined with the fan electronic control system installation, with a short switching time (<30 minutes), easy installation, high reliability features;
Fan shock absorber: installed between the bracket and the base, the fixed angle and dynamically adjustable angle of the fan due to dynamic load varies, using different shock absorbers, specially designed by the design and configuration.
Fan disassembly and maintenance methods: the fan should be removed at both ends of the soft takeover (plug it to the fan section or expansion off) and fan end of the space segment, loosen the anchor bolts, you can move the fan position for maintenance.

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