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Product name : X45.25 Series Industrial Mixed flow fan
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 X45 ·25 mixed flow ventilator
I. purpose
Widely used in office buildings, guesthouses and other large and advanced buildings, ventilation and ventilation systems can also be used in cold storage, textile and other industrial and mining enterprises to replace low-pressure centrifugal fans or high-pressure axial flow fans without the need to install a large number of battlefield facilities. Sometimes also used in boiler blast.
II. Structural characteristics
By using advanced CAD system software and quasi ternary flow theory, the design is optimized by multi-objective. Mixed flow fan is a new type of fan between axial flow fan and centrifugal fan. Its wind pressure is higher than fan number, and its air volume is larger than that of the same type centrifugal fan. It has the advantages of wide area and high efficiency.
The fan is designed for direct transmission of motor and fan, compact structure, equal wind pressure, smaller volume than axial flow fan or centrifugal fan under the condition of air volume, less space, installation and operation, The fan has been in trial operation and strict test of each index before leaving the factory, so it runs smoothly and reliably.
(3) low noise. The volute of the fan is specially designed to greatly reduce the noise of cochlear flow. Under the working conditions of unit wind pressure and air volume, the sound level of A can be reduced by 2 ~ 3dB ~ (-1), and a higher air volume and pressure can be obtained at a lower rotational speed.
Composition: mainly consists of main tuyere, blade assembly, blade adjusting ring, impeller pressure cover, shunt, inlet assembly, tail cover and Y series ordinary motor.
III. Installation
Before installation, we should carefully and strictly check whether or not it is pressed, squeezed, smashed and deformed during loading and unloading, if any, it should be restored.
Move the blade by hand to check whether the gap between the blade and the tuyere is even and whether it is scratched, such as scraping according to the cause to be eliminated.
Check whether the bolts are loose.
(4) after the completion of the above three items, according to the user specific use conditions, the use of the location and the use of space to implement the different installation.
Installation of pipes and fans, fans and floors or walls must be cushioned, do not allow the use of bolts forced tightening, to prevent frame housing deformation, affect the performance of fans or cause reasonable clearance between the casing and impeller to scratch.
After installation, count the tools carefully and carefully observe the left over tools, bolts, gloves, cotton wires and wires in the fans and pipes.
Test turn on the way of connecting the power source (car) to the fan in a short time before starting, to see if the insulation performance of the motor is good, whether the rotation direction of the fan impeller is consistent with the standard, whether the fan has violent vibration and whether there is any abnormal sound, if so, Troubleshooting shall be performed in accordance with Article (e) below or, if not, the "point time" shall be gradually extended until it is in operation.
IV. Use, maintenance and maintenance
Maintenance and maintenance must be shut down and not allowed in fan operation.
Add lubricating oil regularly.
Check fastening bolts regularly.
Rub the impeller and blade regularly in case of losing dynamic balance.
V. Common faults and causes
1) severe vibration of the fan:
The fan deforms the casing or impeller during loading and unloading and transportation.
Fan anchor bolts are not tightened.
The dynamic balance of the impeller is broken.
The concentricity of motor shaft and fan shaft is destroyed.
Bending of motor or fan shaft.
The coupling between the impeller and the sleeve is loose.
Bearing damage.
2) the temperature rise of the motor is too high:
Motor shaft and fan machine installation of the shape and position tolerance does not meet the requirements.
Excessive resistance in the system (including too long pipes, too many bends, blockages or unopened valves.
Unreasonable motor selection (including low power, large fan, wrong number of rotation.
Low supply voltage or single-phase power outage.

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