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Product name : HL Series Industrial mixed flow fan
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HL series inclined flow fans are widely used for ventilation and air exchange in factories, warehouses, large buildings, etc. The gas through the fans should be non-corrosive. No significant dust and water vapor and temperature must not exceed 60 ℃. If the customer has other requirements can be put forward when ordering, I plant for you "tailor-made".


The fan has six installation modes for users to choose from, which are as follows:

1). Horizontal installation and exhaust type

2), vertical installation suction type

3), vertical installation exhaust type

4), hoisting type

One vertical installation suction, exhaust for the roof, please add a hood and bird-proof net.

Before installation, check whether impeller and housing are damaged or deformed as a result of loading and unloading, transportation, check whether bolts are fastened, otherwise the standard size should be restored before installation.

There should be an interlocking device between the exhaust vent and the exhaust fan. When any one of the vents is opened, the exhaust fan can start automatically.

The fan should first check the fan and pipe without gloves, cotton thread, nuts and other obstructions to the rotation of the goods.

After installation, check every six months whether the fan components are normal and check the motor. The trial operation time is not less than 10 minutes, to ensure that the fan can be started at any time.

The impeller must rotate in the same direction as the arrow sign on the duct.


1. The air must be clean and dry, not mixed with impurities or excessive water vapor.

2, often pay attention to the fan in the process of use whether there is abnormal noise, abnormal vibration, odour, bolt loosening.

3, the fan long-term storage restart, must carry on the routine inspection.

4.Faults and causes


1. When the impeller is rotated, the shell is rubbed, and the abnormal sound and violent vibration are produced because of the deformation of the fan housing or impeller parts in the course of storage and transportation.

2, the fan foot bolt is not fastened.

3. The failure of the dynamic balance of the impeller is due to the deformation of the casing of the transporter during installation or storage and transportation. The specific reasons are as follows:

The impellers are pressed and deformed;

The coupling part between the impeller and the shaft sleeve is loosened;

Improper hoisting leads to deformation of spindle;

Motor fixed bolt loosening;

Improper selection of grease, bearing damage.

Motor heating:

1. Low input voltage;

2.Single-phase power cut off;

3, the foreign body in the passage obstructs the impeller running;

4, the motor cooling duct is blocked by foreign bodies.

Please contact us and get detailed Technical parameters and Drawings.
We could Design and Produce the Marine fan,Industrial Fan,and Other Ventilation Equipment according to your detailed requirement !

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