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Product name : G6-51,Y6-51 Boiler supply fan,exhaust fan
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1.Use path
The GCU Y6-51 boiler draft fan is suitable for 35 t / h 410t / h circulating fluidized bed boiler air system. The system fan can also be used for dust removal, mine ventilation and general ventilation system.
The medium used by the fan is air, and the medium carried by the fan is smoke or particulate gas containing impurities. When the impurity concentration is less than 200 mg / m3, the impeller can be used for more than five years, if the impurity is large, but the service life is relatively short, The maximum operating temperature of the draft fan shall not exceed 250 ℃.
The draft fan is usually made into a single suction type.
Each fan can be made into left-handed or right-handed. From one end of the motor, the impeller rotating clockwise direction is called right-handed fan, expressed as "right", conversely, it is called left cyclone machine, as "left".
The angle of the inlet and outlet of the D type fan is expressed by the angle of the shell air outlet and the outlet angle of the inlet of the air box. The method of expression is: 45 °/ 135 °of the air inlet.
Fan drive mode is D type (cantilever structure, using elastic coupling direct transmission.
3.Special point
The design of this series fan is based on the aerodynamics sketch which has been finalized after more than one year model test and adopts the patent technology of "having adjustable air inlet" and "inclined cone inlet", high strength wear-resistant impeller, oil leakage proof bearing box, Adjust the center of the control door and other advanced patent technology achievements.
A wide range of high-efficiency operating conditions, machine number arrangement dense, easy to wait for efficient work point.
The technical advantages of patent "with adjustable air inlet" are:
When the fan is installed, the axial and radial clearance of the inlet and impeller can be adjusted at will.
If there is friction during operation of the fan , the air inlet can be adjusted to the proper position .
When the fan overhauls, it can adjust the inlet along the axial direction to detach from the impeller, so that the rotor can be easily lifted vertically, and the patent technology of "inclined cone inlet" can eliminate the strong cochlear current in front of the inlet and ensure the air intake stability.
High strength wear resistant impeller: the impeller adopts near diameter, backward veneer blade, reduces the airflow impact, has good stability, the motor is not easy to overload, has overcome the original 4-73 aircraft airfoil hollow blade to wear through the inside to enter the ash, The non-working area ash causes vibration and other bad phenomena. The wear-resistant electrode surfacing welding is used in the easily worn part of the blade of the induced fan, which greatly prolongs the fan's life. The fan has high pressure coefficient, low cycle velocity and low noise, so it has good practicability.
Oil leakage proof bearing box
By using lap ring, the oil from the high speed rotating bearing is thrown into the inner wall of the bearing box to flow back to the oil tank, and the semi-circular aluminum oil seal can increase the resistance along the axial direction to cut part of the thin oil back tank, except for the convenience of maintenance and prevention of friction accident. Small amount of thin oil is blocked from the lateral pressure plate root, and the upper part of the bearing box is provided with a ventilator, which reduces the micro-positive pressure of the bearing box, ensures no oil leakage and has good dust-proof performance.
Adjusting door for adjusting center
The adjusting valve guide vane fulcrum is equipped with adjusting bearing. There is no "dead" point in the running and regulating process, so the adjustment is flexible, labor-saving, safe and reliable, and ensures that the actuator motor does not carry any load.
Type D adopts imported bearing to reduce vibration and make fan run reliably.
The fan complete complete: adjustment door, coupling cover, inlet and outlet back flange, whole machine anchor bolt, inlet and outlet soft connection, large, medium type equipped with vibration meter, can also be equipped with complete sets of actuators, shock absorbers and mufflers, etc.
The relevant parameters are complete:
Main parts weight, static and dynamic load rotor flywheel moment, adjusting door resistance moment and shape, etc. Holding series of samples, can be used for construction design.
Key measures for product quality:
Design and manufacture according to national standards and industry standards.
Fan performance based on fan model tests for similar conversion.
The diameter of the fan impeller is greater than 2m or the circumferential speed is over 100m/s, and the non-destructive testing is done according to the standard.
When the impeller cycle is high, the strengthened blade is adopted, and the easily ground part of the blade of the induced fan is surfaced with the special wear-resistant electrode for the fan. The user can surfacing welding by himself after the field wear.
Fan inlet and outlet are equipped with soft connection belt to prevent stress interference caused by pipe or fan deformation.
The above No17 fan is equipped with vibration protection device to prevent the unit from being damaged by vibration.

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